How to "count" weight carried

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    I have a quick question about tracking the weight you carry. So in past cycles I’ve lived in a place without enough snow to merit spending some of my training time going uphill on skis, but now that I do, if I’m sometimes hiking and sometimes skiing but wanting to keep the weight carried consistent, do I count the weight of my ski setup towards my weight carried?

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    Rachel on #32477

    I would count it. Last year I had to start adding extra TSS when I skinned up my local ski hill because the workout had a strong ME effect with the heavy gear on my feet. I think I just added 10% per 1000 feet though vs weighing everything.

    Anonymous on #32480

    Great questions and a good solution by rachelp.

    @Lindsay: Since you have extensive experience with weight dryland pack carries, I suggest seeing what your perception of effort during the workout and recovery time after the workout feels like compared when you are on skis vs on foot. Then adjust TSS (probably upward) by an amount commiserate with your fatigue the next days. Say I gave a TSS of 100 for an hour uphill weighted carry. But two days later the athlete still reports dead legs when climbing the stairs I would immediately bump that TSS to 150-200 and check back on the next day.

    That’s what I do with myself and all that I coach. I have no problem with adjusting TSS upward if I hear the athlete still has tied legs 2 days after a workout. We are seeking consistency with our TSS. obviously hrTSS will not show the real training effect when skinning uphill with 8lb on each foot and a 25lb pack.

    Orange to oranges and apples to apples. Sometimes this will come down to your perceived fatigue the next day or two.

    LindsayTroy on #33724

    Thanks all! Currently it feels WAY harder. Im an east coaster transplanted to Utah and im just learing to ski powder so the exerted effort feels like a lot but because Im mostly skiing at 8,000-10,000 feet my HR stays relatively low for my percieved effort.

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