How to account and adjust weekend program when working on the weekend

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    Matt Schonwald

    Hey Team,

    My winter schedule will start up the first weekend of December teaching L1 Avi courses. Almost entirely Z1 skinning, Day is maybe 2-4 miles over 4-5 hours and Day 2 is about 5-6 miles over the same time period.

    My question is do i use day 1 as a recovery day and day 2 as a Saturday, if so where would I shift the long Z2 with weight?

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    Anonymous on #72490

    Matt, These are classic guide training challenges. Hard enough to be a bit draining (and time consuming) but not as hard as you would like to train. Assuming the work sessions are always weekend days you could approach this a couple of ways in my mind. In either case think about the long day and the the ME day with adequate recovery after. First option would be use Monday as a long weighted day, rest or very very easy Tuesday, ME Wednesday, easy hour Thurs, Cham Friday, normal work weekend. Second option would be keep Mon rest, Tuesday ME, Wednesday easy, Thursday long with weight, Friday Cham and normal working weekend. I’ve had success with both programs with folks like yourself, some of it comes down to schedule and when is best to plug the long day in. Sometimes its hard for folks to rally on Monday if they’ve had a busy weekend.

    Hope that helps.

    Matt Schonwald on #72532

    Yes that second option is probably best. So if I break it down, Rest, ME, Long Weighted and Cham Fit are the components that are being adjusted with the work counted as Z1 days? I think I understand, Thank you Mark!

    Anonymous on #72553

    Yes exactly!

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