how often to redo metabolic threshold testing?

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    I’m about to start the base period on my third year of training based on TFTNA. In April 2017 (so around 8 months ago), i did my first metabolic gas-exchange test. I’m wondering how long the results of this type of test are considered close enough, and when a re-test is warranted. Any advice on whether this would be a good investment at this point for me?

    Other details, in case it matters: the gas-exchange test was done at Real Rehab in Seattle. I certainly found it fascinating! It showed my AeT at 156bpm, which at least *seems* quite a bit higher than what i estimated it to be a year+ earlier based on nose-breathing, when i started training.


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    Good for you for being so consistent. Those tests don’t lie and it seems quite likely that your AeT has moved up substantially if you’ve been following the training. Six months is probably as often as you need to consider doing these tests. There is another way to monitor AeT improvement that I will explain in more detail in a soon to be article. If you have a Training Peaks Premium account there is a metric shown as Pa:Hr. This is the ratio of your Pace to heart rate as measured in the first and second halves of a workout. If the ratio exceeds 5% then that a=workout was conducted above your AeT. There are a few restrictions that need to be controlled for but it is a handy tool that can be used each and every workout.

    Watch for this article in the next week or so.


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    Thank you Scott! i look forward to reading that article.


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