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    Hi All

    I am currently using the Beginner Marathon Plan to start my base conditioning before stepping up to trail running using the Luke Nelson’s Intro to Ultra Running Training Plan. I am hoping to take part in a 70Km trail event in September 2019.

    I had entered a marathon to coincide with completing the Marathon plan but I found out today that the event was over subscribed and unfortunately I didn’t get awarded a place in the lottery.

    This has left me thinking about how I should proceed with my training. My initial thought is to treat this as a 30 week training cycle (I followed the suggestion of extending Transition Period to 10 weeks).
    So should I just complete the plan, followed by a couple of weeks or so of light recovery training and then start with the Luke Nelson plan? Or is there a better way of proceeding?

    Thanks very much in advance for any advice.

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