How fast does lactate drop?

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    I finally broke down and bought a meter. Did a test reading tonight at rest to make sure it worked and am planning on testing after tomorrow’s session. My question is how much time do I have (approximately)?

    I assume washing and drying my hands carefully and getting the sample will take 60-90 seconds. (If I mess up a reading I’d expect another 30-60 seconds.) Is lactate falling fast enough to make this time critical?

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    Cory from Wisconsin on #71821

    I would be interested in this as well. But my interest is more in the sense of if I push the HR into Z3 and use the anaerobic process, how long do I have to be back in Z2 before anaerobic shuts down and returns to aerobic. I know it’s not a binary on/off for both systems, but have wondered how long it takes to return to aerobic function after exceeding the limit on a short stretch of trail.

    Put another way, how long does it take to have the anaerobic system kick in. Do short pickups start to transition into an anaerobic state, or are they short enough that you remain aerobic?

    I’m guessing this is covered in one of the books, but I don’t remember off hand.

    Andreas on #71834

    It looks like Scott Semple have done some simple tests for how long it takes high levels of lactate to drop back into Z2 range.

    Clogging Up the Drain: Why You Are Forced to Slow Down

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