How fast do I run on race day?

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    As the title says, how fast do I run on race day?

    I have never run an ultra race before so don’t really have a feeling for how fast I should run or how high I should let my pulse go. It kind of ties into this question a bit I guess

    Heart Rate Drift & staying in zone 2

    It is of cause not an easy question to answer so answer this instead:
    For your last ultra race, what was your average HR in relation to AeT between hour one and two and what was your average HR in relation to AeT during the second to last hour of the race? That would give me somewhat of a feeling what to aim for.

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    fzlaforge on #43815

    Thanks, briguy! That’s really helpful. I know everyone is different, but it’s good to see how others approach such runs.

    I tend to keep my HR between the top of Z1 and bottom of Z2 on 20+ mile runs. But, as I mentioned before, with HR drift and rising heat, I usually get right up to AeT for the final five miles just to keep the pace going. (I think I also have a bad habit of pushing through dehydration for the last hour or so, instead of taking a couple minutes to filter more water.)

    briguy on #43823

    I tend to push the envelope on hydration too, at least in training runs. It’s never a dangerous situation, I’d rather just finish on the thirsty side than have to loop back for fluids, stop to filter, etc. I figure it’s good stimulus. Races and events are a different story.

    fzlaforge on #43830

    I just invested in one of these, which I’ll get next week:

    Salomon XA Filter

    Ideally, I can just stop, dip the flask in a creek or lake, and then be on my merry way in less than half a minute. If it works out, it could be great.

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