How does strength training affect aerobic recovery?

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    Question in the title. How do my strength workouts (specifically rock climbing) affect my recovery from my aerobic workouts? It feels like during a week of hard rock climbing training I will have a harder time recovering from and subsequently feel worse on my aerobic activities (hiking, mountain biking, skinning). I am trying to build my aerobic base rapidly at the moment. If I have a large strength training week is it wise to reduce my aerobic load for that week?


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    So I have found that climbing hard definitely affects my aerobic progression. I live in an outdoor mountainous area so it is hard to train and still “recreate” at the same time.

    When I was trying to crank up my aerobic volume to 6 hours a week there was fatigue that affected my rock climbing and my recovery suffered. I had to take an unplanned week off just to be functional for work and not in a bad mood all the time.

    Some solutions
    If building your aerobic base is important to you, dial down the “hard climbing”. Substitute it with easy ARCing for longer periods at the gym, TR soloing, or going out with the family. I found that the easy volume climbing complements the easy volume running/hiking. I also include the ARCing in that weekly volume of aerobic activity.


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