How do I train when I can't run ?

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    Hi to All,

    So, an experienced mountaineer of some 40 years, aiming to enhance my fitness for 2 objectives over the next 2 years.
    Challenge I have is that I want to follow a training programme BUT I cannot run due to old football injuries – the jarring knackers my damaged knees. Walking is fine, both up and down hill, but running is not possible.
    How do I get around this ?

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    Anonymous on #43618

    Do have goal-specific terrain nearby to do all of your training on? If not, then an incline trainer may be the next best bet (despite being mind-numbing).

    andrewmallinson on #43621

    Hi Scott,

    Yes I live in the Scottish Mountains…….. so have suitable terrain…..
    So how do I use it instead of of running ?

    Anonymous on #43642

    Hike up and hike down! 🙂

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