How are the training plans delivered.

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    Ella Ruadh

    I’m wondering if someone could let me know the method of delivery of the workouts after I purchase a training plan. I’m looking at 24 week Expedition Plan and it references The New Alpinism book. I just wondered if all the workouts are in that book and I have to buy it as well as the online programme? Or does the online programme have all the workout exercises detailed in it?
    I can’t find this info on the website or maybe I’ve just missed it.?
    Many Thanks.

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    rogerabregor on #80663

    I bought the Intro To Ultras workout a few days ago and the whole plan was delivered through Training peaks. What I realized is that the workout is the instructions of what to do but I have to build each of the workouts individually in the Structural workout builder. I don’t know if it is the same in your case…

    Jane Mackay on #80703

    Hi Ella,
    As rogerabregor says, the training plans are delivered through Training Peaks. And we’re working on building structural workouts in all plans — it is a priority!

    Ella Ruadh on #80982

    Many thanks for your replies.

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