Holder of FKT Vermont Long Trail credits TFTNA

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    I tried posting this a week or so ago and failed. I do mention it in another post, but only in passing. I think that this accomplishment is another testament to how Scott and Steve’s influence is spreading.

    The Long Trail FKT Trip Report

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    Anonymous on #24133

    Awesome! Thanks for posting that. I hadn’t seen it, but I’ll definitely check it out and let Steve and Scott know.

    Anonymous on #24134

    Thanks for posting that. We’ve had a surprising number of fast packers email us telling us that they had used TftNA to construct their training plan before some big outing. It’s part of what inspired us to write TftUA as it will be a bit more specific for those folks.


    joshuawperry on #24169

    This is me. The most surprising difference i’ve noticed since i started using UA/TftNA is the huge decrease in time needed to recover between big efforts. I used to need at least couple weeks off between races, or goal trips/climbs, before i felt like i wanted to run again. Where as more recently i’ve been forcing myself to take the whole week off after.

    I’m looking forward to getting a copy of TftUA after this season is over. But my real goal for the summer, which i’ll be starting towards the end of July, will be a PCT record attempt.

    Steve House on #24353

    Let us know how it all goes, we’d love to help you share your stories and experiences here.
    Good luck!

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