Hip strengthening for mountain running

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    Hi everyone,

    On events or training runs longer than 50km, I usually experience some hip flexor/groin tightness and pain, especially on sustained flats. I’m currently training for a 200km event in May and wondered if anyone in the UA community has any favorite exercises for strengthening the small muscles/tendons in that area. Thanks!


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    Brett on #48869

    Resistance band exercises along with single leg deadlifts have been game changers for me.

    mylon.ollila on #49002

    Thanks Brett!

    Anonymous on #49361

    Are you a heel striker?

    This is more of a long-term focus—don’t change anything in the short-term—but my hip flexor issues went away when I switched from being a heel striker to landing midfoot. The reason, I think, is that contact with the ground happens sooner, closer to the pelvis with much less of a “reach” forward.

    It could be irrelevant for you, but I thought I’d mention it. I never have hip flexor issues from running now.

    Anonymous on #49362

    And these are the drills that I used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZKA2-Sb0Tk

    Caveat: It took two-ish years for my calves to fully adjust, and I had to change gradually.

    mylon.ollila on #49615

    Thanks Scott. I’m a midfoot striker but I am going to work those drills into my strength routines. Much appreciated.

    Anonymous on #49946

    They helped me a lot, but make sure to respect any complaints from your calves…

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