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Hills and slower pace over time

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    I’ve noticed that going up hills and after my 1st mile my pace slows down but stabilizes for most part. My heart rate stays pretty constant. I’m assuming this is an indication of still having ADS, right?

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    It’s not possible to tell you for sure from your comments if you have ADS. If you see a dramatic rise in heart rate when to go uphill after you have warmed up hen there is a chance you are aerobically deficient. Especially if your heart rate continues to climb and climb as you go up and leaves you out of breath. We have some articles on the website and we have podcasts and videos that show how to test for ADS.


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    As Scott said, it’s not possible to determine ADS from this.

    Another possibility is that you’re starting that first mile too fast, and your pace slows to meet your rising heart rate. Start much slower.

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