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    I was wondering what is a good fudge factor recommendation for the hill sprint workout? I’m doing the Big Vert training plan, so for example today I did 2 x 5 x 10″. I was thinking of each set of 5 counting as 25 TSS or 50 TSS since it’s all-out effort. Seeing what others are doing or if the coaches have any input?

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    pedro on #77564


    Here is an article for the fudge factors.

    Understanding and Using the TrainingPeaks Metrics CTL and TSS 

    For those type of efforts , the fudge factors are not applied , the final hrtss given , corresponds to the effort you did.


    Pedro Carvalho

    jd.swainson on #78838

    Hi everyone! Was also wondering how to accurately track the hill sprints on training peaks as it shouldn’t count towards run duration (I think?) as its a strength workout. Today I recorded a warm up ‘run’ then a ‘strength workout’ for the sprints, and another ‘run’ for the cooldown. Seems a bit clunky having 3 separate workouts though – anyone doing things differently?

    I also have a query on the TSS factor. I’ve just done my first hill sprint workout and for the actual sprint intervals my hrTSS was 24 – the workout took 30min including the rests between sprints. The 20min warmup had a TSS of about 20 so in relation this seems a bit low considering how hard the sprints felt. The hrTSS for the entire workout including warmup and cooldown came in at 55 while a max strength workout with the fudge factor is about 80 – is this correct?

    Cheers, Jeremy

    TK on #78839

    What I’ve been doing with my hill sprints is using hrTSS for my warmups and cool downs, then for each hill sprint add 5-10 tss to that. Seems to get it close to a max strength TSS that UHA recommends. Then I monitor how tired I am 2-3 days out and if I’m still feeling it, add a few TSS points. Just be consistent with your TSS input.

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