Hill sprints + ME outdoor workout

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    Hi everybody,

    I am experiencing with the hill sprints workout once a week with 8 times 12s. I would like to know if I can add after that 3 by 8 min at Z3/4 Uphill (ME workout outdoor).
    I suppose both are working on improving muscle strength and endurance capacities, but maybe doing both in the same session is counterproductive.
    Any thoughts about that ?

    Thanks for your advices and your very Uphill Athletes book and podcasts !

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    jakedev on #80173

    So this article is probably relevant.

    Endurance and Power Don’t Mix (in the Same Workout)

    I think if possible separating them to separate days is the best option. You can show up fresh and get the most from the workout (both Max and ME). If you only have time for 1 day of these exercises (kids, job, etc) maybe do one in the morning (probably the Hill Sprints) and do the ME later in the afternoon or evening allowing a full recovery. Cheers.

    Alex.Auffret on #80195

    Thanks for your answer !

    It makes sense. But after reading deeply the book, and listening to many podcasts, I can not really see a difference in terms of what we are targeting when we are doing Hill sprints, ME workout indoor, ME workout outdoor.

    My understanding is : Hill sprints work best to raise your ceiling, improve strength and power. Then, when you raised you ceiling, you can better improve your Muscle endurance by working on strength endurance. Is it right ?

    Gareth Standford’s work is very interesting on the topic and he is speaking a lot about this “logic” of raising the ceiling first, and keep it elevated year around.

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