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Hill sprint workout duration (from the book Uphill Athlete)

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    I made a Hill Sprint workout duration calculation and it seems around 4h of duration.
    Did I understand it correctly?
    Warmup 35min
    1×10 workout 23min
    8 workouts 3h 4min
    Cool down 20 min

    TOTAL duration 4h

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    Rachel on #21314

    The hill sprints themselves should be short. Book says 6-8 10 second hill sprints, with two minutes in between. So 130 seconds for each rep (10 seconds plus 120 seconds recovery). 6 of those is 12 minutes total. 8 reps would be a bit over 17 minutes total.

    So 35 for warmup, 12-17 for the hill sprints, and cool down of 20 minutes.

    Leivo on #21395

    I read it on the way, that 2 minutes rest between each sprint and 3 minutes rest between each set.
    So, based on the book I made a calculation.
    One set:
    1. 10sec sprint uphill
    2. 2 min rest, downhill
    Repeat steps 1-2 10 times
    After that 3min rest.

    And now do 6-8 sets. Each set takes around 22-23 minutes, most of it is a resting.

    Please correct me if I misunderstood it.
    From other side the book authors should take it as a feedback how this excersise could be interpreted.

    Anonymous on #21576


    I think you have misunderstood sets and reps here.

    As an example with one set of hill sprints:
    Warm up
    6 to 8 sprints resting 2-3 minutes between sprints.
    Go home.

    If you do 2 sets then everything is the same except you take a bit longer rest after the first set of sprints before doing the same again.

    I’m sorry this is confusing for you.


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