Hiking in Mountaineering shoes

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    I am training to climb Mt Rainier next year thru DC route.
    Is it advisable to do training hikes using the rigid and heavy plastic boots which will be used on the actual climb?
    Its a tad uncomfortable, though not impossible to hike in them.
    Is it really required though?


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    You can and should do 90% of your training in light hiking, approach or even running shoes. Rainier in the summer normally does not require double boots. I decent single mountaineering boot will be plenty. I am and many others have climbed it in running shoes with light aluminum strap on crampons. However, you should do some of your final preparation hikes in the boots you will use for the climb. You need to be sure they are comfortable enough and don’t hurt your feet.


    Kedar_dg on #5804

    Thanks Scott for your response !!

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