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Hiking boot recommendations

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    I have a pair of Sportiva Pamir boots (link) which will now cost almost as much to repair as to replace. I’m looking for recommendations for a replacement. Intended use is day hikes, typically ~20-30km, generally not carrying much weight (~8kg?), a mix of on/off trail, almost always with some scrambling involved. Crampon compatibility is not essential – if there’s enough snowy for crampons, I’ll be splitboarding. 🙂

    I’d prefer to avoid Sportiva as their service was horrible – stitching came undone within months and they refused to honor the warranty because I had moved country.

    My impression is the forum is mostly mountain runners or alpinists so perhaps I’m asking in the wrong place, but I place more faith in Uphill Athlete than my local store or review sites! Thanks in advance.

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    TerryLui on #27924

    Hey there!
    I’ve been very happy with Zamberlan, on my 3rd pair. They’ve carried me thru day hikes to multi-month expeditions with packs upwards of 60lbs

    I know you said “no Sportiva” but I just picked up a pair of Trango Cubes, have had good reviews from friends although I see them more as an “alpine boot;” also, I do not expect them to last as long as the Zamberlans above:

    happy shopping!

    Dada on #27933

    I agree on the horrible La Sportiva service. Never a pair from them. I’m really happy with tScarpas in general. I would recommend Mescalitos Mid.

    Mariner_9 on #28152

    Thank you both. I wasn’t aware of Zamberlan – I’ll check them out.

    Mariner_9 on #29748

    I ended up going for a pair of the Zamberlan 1000 Baltoro – will update once I’ve had a chance to try them (mostly training indoors at the moment). Tried on a pair of Scarpa Zodiac Tech but not enough ankle support for my liking. Perhaps that has more to do with psychology and/or technique than boots.

    TerryLui on #30055

    Cool! Keep us posted on how you find them!!

    Mariner_9 on #50254

    Ended up only using the Zamberlan boots when there was still snow on the ground (up until mid-July and October onwards, here). Very happy with them – didn’t require any breaking in, no issues with comfort on longer hikes and they feel lighter than my old Sportiva Pamir boots.

    For the summer, I used a pair of Sportiva Akasha shoes which were recommended in another thread (https://uphillathlete.com/forums/topic/trekking-poles-and-shoes/). They’re very light and comfortable and of course breathability is good given the design, though at the expense of waterproofing. Unfortunately they proved not to be very durable. Rubber/fabric interface was coming apart and the fabric had several tears after less than three months use (Jul-Sep). To their credit, Sportiva replaced them under warranty.

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