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    I’m on week 5 of the 24 week mountaineering. If I go by the talking and breathing test, my upper zone 2 is around 174. I could easily maintain a 170 hr and and carry on a conversation and breathe through my nose. This just seems way too high, i feel as if my upper zone 2 hr should be lower. I live at 6,000+ feet if that matters. Can anyone provide some information on this? Thanks

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    Dada on #69242


    Have you confirmed with drift oder DFA Alpha 1 test? If no, I would do this and then come back after confirmed.

    LindsayTroy on #69322

    How old are you? whats your max HR? whats your AnT?

    Reed on #69354

    It’d be interesting to triangulate with other methods like heart rate variability, cardiac drift (30-60 minute “field test”), and/or blood lactate measurements. If you’re healthy and under 50 years old, I wouldn’t worry about it. The last few times I’ve tested, my aerobic threshold (i.e., top of zone 2) has been >180bpm. There is a lot of variability from person to person.

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