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    I’ve been using the TFTNA bar recipes for my outings and for my kids. I thought I’d share another recipie that has become a go to for longer days in the mountains and is our family breakfast standard. This recipie has changed my life.

    Super high protein, oil and fibre, can be made gluten free if desired. Keeps well (does not get stale like pure flour pancakes. I use these on the trail and also on trailhead drives with yogurt and blueberries.

    The recipe below is for a 10x batch. Making the dry up in bulk makes them super fast to prep.
    [ ] ***Bulk dry ingredients, seperate into 10x small Ziplocs ~ 1.5 cups each
    [ ] 10 cups ground Flax meal
    [ ] 5 cups Ground nuts (any kind: hemp hearts, sunflower etc)
    [ ] 300ml Sugar (any kind)
    [ ] 150 ml Refined flour (any kind)
    [ ] 50 ml Baking powder
    [ ] 25 ml Cinnamon
    [ ] 10 ml Salt
    [ ] ***Wet ingredients per single batch):
    [ ] 4-5x Eggs
    [ ] 0.25 cup Oil (any kind :canola etc)
    [ ] 0.5 cup Milk (or substitute), as flax thickens more milk can be added as desired

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    Aaron on #3742

    Forgot to explicitly say they can be made as pancakes or waffles.

    merrindenny on #59761

    I’m gonna try this at home thank you for sharing…

    Jane Mackay on #61031

    This sounds great, Aaron, thanks! I’ve saved it.

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