High lactate level at low heart rate

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    About 6 months ago i did a gas exchange test at the local university to pinpoint my AeT. I suspected that I have ADS due to the symptoms explained in UA and other books. After the getting the results i have some questions:

    1.My AeT was give as a range 135-145 BPM. Is it given as a range because it varies and cannot be pinpointed to an exact number? Im wondering if i should pick a mid-point or lower or top end.

    2. Also i noticed that at the beginning of the test when the treadmill was quite easy I was already at 2 mmol/L. I dont think this is normal. I have a history of almost exclusively anaerobic training and have a feeling that i have an overdeveloped anaerobic system and poor aerobic system.
    Does this high initial lactate levels affect how i should approach my aerobic base training? Will i see this level of lactate decrease as i train the AeT?

    I included a graph and table for clarification.



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    Anonymous on #61325


    I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head. Your metabolism is heavily biased toward the anaerobic end. Based on those numbers I call AeT at 140 or close by. You might want to do our HR drift test to see if this is confirmed. What was your perceived exertion at 140. If it was pretty easy feeling then chances are good that this is AeT for you.

    Another good way to tell if this is an aerobic pace for you is: can you do the same workout day after day after day with accumulating fatigue?

    Be patient and you will see steady gains for months on end.


    Dada on #61795

    Athletes with a high share of FT fibers show also very high lactate levels at the beginning. That is why I need to warm up very slowly for 30 minutes otherwise my lactate levels go through the roof from the beginning and I can’t recover from that.


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