High HR Drift during AnT Test

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    I am working on addressing my ADS and recently ran some AnT Tests. I did a 30′ and a 40′ test about a week apart, and they both showed a very large HR drift over the activities.

    The 30′ test was definitely close to all-out, the 40′ test I was a little afraid of the pain cave and held some watts in reserve.

    My Max HR: 200ish… seen 199 on the monitor occasionally during long intervals workouts but never done a true max HR test.

    30′ test – Avg HR 179 / started at 170bpm (5′ in) and ended at 195bpm
    40′ test – Avg HR 167 / started at 170bpm (5′ in) and ended at 187bpm

    Have seen posts from scott semple saying HR should not drift much during AnT test, so am I doing this wrong? Is this drift normal for these tests, or is it suggesting I could go out harder? I probably can.

    My AeT is only at 141 so that is the thing to work on for now, but my AnT comes in at 179 if we believe the 30′ test which I thought was surprisingly high, yet now it sounds like it could be even higher. Are there better ways to run this test?

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    Shashi on #64820

    I would recommend reading this article on the anaerobic threshold test –

    DIY Anaerobic Threshold Test

    Key items –
    – Do a 15-minute warm-up at or below your Aerobic Threshold (AeT) or until you break a sweat. Ease into this warm-up so that your aerobic system is fully online.
    – As soon as you are done with the warm-up, continue immediately into the AnT test. Once you start, go as hard as you can sustain for the full 30 minutes.
    – Pace yourself so that you don’t blow up 5 minutes into the test.

    If you think you could have gone harder, then maybe do another test in a few weeks.

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