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    I fear I need a little help interpreting the results of my recent test. Here’s what I have for the hour long run, after a 10-15min warmup (listed as pace / hr):

    1. 8:21 / 154
    2. 8:14 / 158
    3. 8:09 / 160
    4. 8:06 / 161
    5. 8:14 / 160
    6. 8:09 / 161
    7. 8:11 / 161
    .4 8:03 / 161

    Training peaks says the Pa:Hr is .84%, which from what I understand, suggests that my AeT is substantially higher. However, about 6 months ago, I ran a half at ~1:30 with an average heart rate of 172-173 (which, I was told means my AnT is probably around 180), so, I’m not sure how much higher the AeT can go.

    So, main question about how to interpret these results: Does it make sense that my AeT is higher, maybe somewhere around 165? (Which would mean I don’t suffer from ADS?). Or might I be missing something / reading this wrong somehow?


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    MMK on #34841

    Giving this a light boost, for I fear it may have gotten lost amidst all the other requests for help interpreting the test.

    I also have a little more data: during an hour long run today (minus ~ 2mile warmup), I averaged ~8:21/mi pace and a flat 155 heart rate all the way through.

    Any and all suggestions are welcome!

    MMK on #35316

    At the risk of annoyance, a last request for some interpretive help, along with a final data point.

    9.6 mile run with the following averages:

    First half (minus warmup): HR 160, pace 8:31
    Second half: HR 159, pace 8:41
    Total Pa:Hr = 1.23%

    Any help interpreting all these results would be much appreciated, as I feel a little lost.

    Dada on #35337


    What I would do:

    1. Redo the test on a treadmill to rule out the course as a matter of error

    2. Start with 165 for the AeT test

    3. Do an AnT test to determine your real threshold to see if you have ADS


    MMK on #35379

    Thanks! I’ll go ahead and give it a shot. 165 is much higher than what I usually run for the majority of my miles, but I guess it’s possible for it to be around my AeT.

    My only hesitation with the treadmill is that for some reason I’m usually much less efficient on it (higher heart rate, lower pace) but for the purposes of this test, perhaps that won’t matter too much.

    Dada on #35392

    Reasons I can think off why a treadmill could be different:

    – slope
    – room temperature (Missing heat acclimatization)
    – house dust allergy (asthma)

    Can you rule out some reasons?

    MMK on #35438

    -Slope — not sure how this would effect anything, if I’m on the treadmill it’s at max 1%
    -room temperature — yes probably, it’s definitely hotter than running outside in Chicago right now
    -allergy — no

    I’ll try the test this week and report back!

    Thanks for the suggestions

    Dada on #35439

    I opened the window during my last AeT test and my heartrate dropped by 5 beats. And in the Caribbean, the heat forced me to walk to stay below my AeT.

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