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    Adam Quinn

    Ive attached lab test results .

    Does the graph demonstrate that I am in fact suffering from ADS?

    The Test suggests the following zones :

    Zone 1 – <140
    Zone 2 – 141-159
    Zone 3 – 160-185
    Zone 4 – 186-192
    Zone 5 – >192

    I am confused with the tests definition of these zones , in particular zones 2 & 3. They are defined as ;

    “Easy- Zone 2

    Is low intensity and is again slower than your speed at LT It is used in long duration runs, warm ups/warm downs and during
    active recoveries between higher intensity intervals”

    Steady / Aerobic Zone 3″

    Exercise will be at a moderate intensity at a pace that is above your speed at LT, but is below your speed at LTP It involves
    medium to long duration runs 20 60 min) with speeds closest to the speeds at LT being longer than those closer to LTP

    do these differ from the definition of the zones in the book ?

    any help appreciated

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    josswinn on #70602

    I think those lab definitions match those in the book. LT=AeT (top of Z2) and LTP=AnT (top of Z3).

    15% AnT/AeT difference according to the calculator:

    I’m new to this too, but I think a few months of training in the upper 150s bpm will show an improvement. I have seen it in myself. When you run at that intensity for up to an hour, how does it feel?

    I wonder about the language of ‘suffering from ADS’. You’re only ‘suffering’ and ‘deficient’ relative to high performance aspirations of a small group of endurance athletes. Compared to the general population, you appear to be very fit and if you aspire to perform well in endurance sports, then training targeted in upper Z2 is likely to be beneficial for that aspiration.

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