heat or out of shape?

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    SO I have been massively breaking records w my heart rates lately. I ran for two hours above my Aet (166) which by definition is impossible. I also ran for 45 minutes at my Ant (174). The thing is–they both felt easy. I’m going over my Z1 threshold just by walking fast or walking up the slightest hill. I used to keep it in Z1 running at 9:30 miles. Now if I do that pace I’m above my Ant.

    It seems heat-related, even though I haven’t been running in over 90 degree days. So it hasn’t been THAT hot. I did do most of my training in the fall/winter/spring so this is my first summer training seriously. However, this also has coincided w a lack of consistency and a steep drop in my CTL. I was at an 80 and now I’m at a 40, due to inconsistency the past three months and particularly the past three weeks. But I still feel in okay shape. It makes no sense that I could still run 16 miles comfortably at 10/11 minute miles. It feels like normal to me but my HR is crazy high. I’ve just assumed it must be bc of the heat. Do people on here have a summer Aet and a winter Aet/Ant? Any ideas?

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    LindsayTroy on #55705

    Important follow up question– Is this a chest strap or wrist strap? Hotter weather will increase blood flow to your extremities and inflate your HR on a wrist strap, so thats an important key piece of info before we dive in!

    Rachel on #55706

    Assuming the HR is accurate you’ll probably find you adapt after a few weeks of heat training. I usually avoid exercising in the heat but when I do my HR sky rockets for sure.

    hikerobby on #55707

    chest. has worked great for 9 months

    hikerobby on #55767

    So I’ll just adapt? I haven’t yet

    LindsayTroy on #55773

    I think the best advise it to keep your HR in your target zone even if it means slowing way down. You’ll either adapt or fall will come and you can speed back up! You could also re-test your HR, I know when I saw Steve/Scott talk they suggested having a low and higher elevation AeT/AnT since your HR is compressed at altitude. So I don’t think it would be unreasonable to have a heat AeT/AnT

    hikerobby on #55799

    Yeah keeping it in Z1 is impossible currently. That’s walking a a slight grade, never running, and anything steeper than a few degrees shoots me into upper Z2. Running I’m fully in Z3. Its weird. Its not just a little high, it’s 15-20 BPMs more at every pace. I guess retesting makes sense. It’s just weird that my AnT is now mightly close to what people say is max HR 180+

    Dada on #55801

    I feel you. Same here. My resting HR is 10 beats higher between sleeping with AC and switching it off. Sauna causes my HR to reach 150 bpm (Z2). Doing Sauna helped a little bit. Google heat acclimatization

    LindsayTroy on #55832

    Hikerobby- You shouldn’t worry about what your HR is “supposed” to be, those are based in population averages. For example, my AeT is 165, my AnT is 190 and my max is 208 (I’m not 12 years old, I swear!); for my age, my AnT is higher than my max HR is “supposed” to be by ~3BPM.

    If you can’t keep in zone 2 while running, then don’t run until you’re heat adapted. Dada brings up a good point of researching how to become heat adapted.

    hikerobby on #55921

    I’m just surprised I haven’t heard more about this. I would think since most peoples races and biggest miles are in summer it would be a big thing. Maybe I am I viking and just overheat easier than most

    AshRick on #55974

    Since I’m in final build toward Leadville, I’m going out of my way to run in the hottest part of the day. Adaptation comes on fast. But I can hardly carry enough water!

    Comment above caught my eye…”when I saw Steve/Scott talk they suggested having a low and higher elevation AeT/AnT since your HR is compressed at altitude. ”

    What does that mean? “Compressed.” I’m going to an altitude event and really don’t know what to expect with respect to HR Zones. I’ll be there 10 days early so I should be able to get in some runs and hikes and learn something.

    Anybody have any feedback on what a sea-level resident will see for HR at 10k ft? For reference, I would normally look to settle in at low 130’s HR in an ultra. Easy cruising pace. My AeT is around 148-150.

    LindsayTroy on #55976

    AshRick- When you’re up at altitude, your resting HR is higher and your max HR is lower. When I asked back in 2019, they didn’t have a rule to adjust and suggested if I was doing a lot of training at altitude, to do a AeT test up where I train. I think for your event, go by feel and if I remember correctly, it takes 1 day of acclimatization for every 1000 feet you ascend.

    Dada on #56038

    Just found this link:

    Heat Training for Cyclists

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