Heat and HR

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    Abby Wall

    Background; I live in a fairly warm area in the spring/summer (80-100F) and tend to be a person who overheats quite a bit (I’m very sweaty) when the temperature is above 70F.

    Questions: How do heat and HR interact? I notice my HR skyrockets when it’s hot outside
    Should I be slowing down even more during Z1/2 training when it’s hot outside?
    What are some good alternatives to salt pills/super sugary hydration drinks to rehydrate?

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    Alyssa Clark on #78398

    Hi Abby,
    Heat and HR have a huge impact on each other as it requires quite a bit more energy from your body to keep itself cool in the heat and thus drives up your HR. You can/should definitely slow down as the heat increases to keep you at a similar effort level. In terms of hydration, there are lots of great non-sugary electrolyte drink additives like Nuun, LMNT, Liquid IV etc that can help. It really comes down to a taste/flavor preference for that.

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