Heart rate zones – book vs. training plans

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    Hi all – since I am already using some training methodology from your book since a while I wanted to expand my training and have purchased you 24 months training plan. Since I wanted to start next week I have just had a read on how to do the AeT test. And here I have become confused where the AeT is supposed to be. In the book I read that it is at the end of Zone 1 (75% of max HR in the book) but in the test description in the training plan and also here on the website it says it is at the end of Zone 2 (80% of max HR in the book). In the book there is also no AeT test description but only the a max HR test, which I did when first purchasing the book when it came out in 2014. Has maybe the description of the HR zones and also the test to find out about them changed in a later edition? Cheers, Chris

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