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heart rate / running pace question

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    i was unemployed from end may 2020 till mid april 21 and started training according to the uphill athlete around the end of july 20. i’ve been slowly increasing my AeT and getting really close to 10% of my AnT. I started work again 12 April 21, which has been a struggle getting in the same amount of training as before working. my last AeT test i was at 160bpm. see below and then my question after. yes i know i’m supposed to keep heart rate under AeT but I wasn’t constantly checking it and when i look at the logs the time i’m over is less than .2 miles, if not most cases less than .1 miles
    4/12: 5.2miles, 147bpm avg, max 155, avg pace 9:41
    4/14: 4.06miles, 154bpm avg, max 160, avg pace 9:20
    4/18: 6.2miles, 156bpm avg, max 165, avg pace 9:43
    4/21: 5.23miles, 152bpm avg, max 160, avg pace 9:38
    4/23: 5.04miles, 150bpm avg, max 159, avg pace 9:30
    4/25: 5.65miles, 157bpm avg, max 165, avg pace 9:26
    4/27: 5.04miles, 153bpm avg, max 163. avg pace 9:45
    4/30: 6.34miles, 154bpm avg, max 160, avg pace 9:16
    5/2: 4.77miles, 155bpm avg, max 162, avg pace 10:47
    5/12: 5.5miles, 152bpm avg, max 163, avg pace 10:03
    5/13: 5.81miles, 153bpm avg, max 162, avg pace 9:40
    5/21: 5.5miles, 152bpm avg, max 161, avg pace 10:02

    my question is why was i able to run a 9:30 pace below my AeT and stay pretty constant around 9:40 pace and then randomly jump up to over 10:00 pace if not at times close to 11:00 pace?

    especially from 4/30 to 5/2 is only 2 days?! and all of May and June i’ve been pretty constant over 10:00 pace….. did something happen to me or my heart rate monitor? yes i know i’ve had gaps of 3 to 5 days between workouts but i wouldn’t think it would affect me that much?

    i have a wahoo tickr and always wet the band before putting it on.

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    juskojj on #55061

    i should also mention around last october i think it was my wahoo went on the fritz and i got a gen 1 as a replacement until the gen 2 came back in stock. i was using the gen 1 until i got then gen 2 and have been using the gen 2 for awhile. it seems like it’s working correctly before i knew it had a problem because i could walk for awhile or speed up to a sprint and my heart rate never changed or if it did it would take a long time which clued me into something was wrong. it’s updating pretty regularly although i have notcied when i 1st put it on my heart rate will jump then drop, jump then drop and then settle out. i’m talking around a 10 bpm or more jump or drop….
    i’ve been considering getting a polar or garmin chest strap instead of the wahoo with this recent weirdness i’m seeing unless it truly is me….

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    We are not machines.

    A threshold test is a reflection of your fitness in the hour of the test. Test results and performance aren’t static and will depend on a lot of variables (sleep, stress, hydration, heat, humidity, nutrition, warm-up, etc).

    The main thing is that, judging by your heart rate, those runs were all a similar stress level. If your AeT testing was accurate, then you’re on the right track.

    juskojj on #55070

    thanks scott! then i’ll just keep chugging along and when i get more than an hour for a workout i’ll do an AeT test again and see where I’m not now. I’m hoping i’m above 160 but with work and diminishing training time I don’t think i am….

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