Heart rate ramps to max heart rate, then collapses to normal range.

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    I’m hoping that this isn’t a grave concern and that this is normal or at least not uncommon.

    I’ve attached two heart rate plots. On one you see my heart rate climbs to my steady rate and stays there with only some drift.

    In the other you’ll see my heart rate skyrocket past my normal steady state and then collapse to my normal range. This is the concerning plot.

    Note that the pace is consistent and I’m on flat ground. Respiration rate and perceived exertion feel pretty normal –nothing like a Sprint.

    Anyone know what this means or experience it too?

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    nullkru on #31495

    Hi thrlskr,

    maybe this is false precision. I had similar HR curves in the past. Sometimes the sensors are not “wet” enough at the beginning. Then you start to sweat and the HR chest strap gives accurate signals.
    I bought a newer chest strap and those strange initial HR drifts are gone since then.

    Not sure but maybe that’s all.

    Anonymous on #31540

    I agree. This looks like normal sensor error. I’ve seen this a lot. The contact between skin and electrodes is not good. I suggest washing the strap every few uses. Just take it in the shower and rinse it off or use some hand soap on it.


    Anonymous on #31604

    Also, check/replace the battery. I’ve seen all kinds of craziness when the battery gets low in the chest strap.

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