Heart rate during warmup period

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    I’m on the 24 week mountaineer program, and I’m working through the base phase now.

    For my aet runs, during warmup I am keeping my pace / breathing pretty light — however despite pretty easy effort, my heart rate spikes. After 10 minutes it drops and stays at aet the rest of the time

    When I started the program, I had tried to manage my heart rate from the start of the run by slowing down to keep it lower. The problem I ran into is that my heartrate would drop and spike throughout the run, so I don’t think I was getting a proper warmup.

    I decided I would just keep the overall effort low for the warmup, and to just check on my heartrate after about 10 minutes and I found that it stabilized. Is this the right approach? Should I try again to just keep my heart rate lower directly from the start, or is it OK to let it go a bit higher during warmup since the effort seems similar as during the run itself?

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    Dada on #51452

    Same here. I think I noticed that this effect is more present when I had simple carbs prior to the workout. It’s not so bad when working out fasted or with complex carbs and fat prior to the training.

    Shashi on #51558

    I am assuming you are using a chest strap to track HR.

    You might find this forum discussion helpful.

    For your next run maybe have a slower pace and a longer warm-up (15-20 minutes) and see if it makes any difference. Let us know.

    craigtay on #51572

    Thank you for the reference, much appreciated

    Anonymous on #53334

    WHat Shashi said!

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