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    Hi, I have been following a training regime to correct ADS for about the last year. In Novemeber when I carried out a drift test I had an odd result – the drift for the first 15-20 minutes of the workout was very high – 4ish% but for the rest of the workout there was almost no drift. As overall drift was 5%ish I called it a day and decided that heart rate was my AeT.

    I recently carried out another test and although I had to call it short for a rest break i noticed the same thing – the first 2K went about at the same pace, then pace dropped and stayed steady till i finished the test.

    This seems a bit odd, looking at a few of Stephen Seilers videos on cardiac drift it always starts later on in the workout, rather than happening immediately then plateuing

    My question is, is this a matter of improper warmup? I have done my warmups by just running to the track at easy heart rate – 145ish, setting up track mode on my Coros and then starting the test right away. Would I be better running to the track, setting up track mode, then gradually building to target heart rate over 10-15 minutes before begining the test?

    I have attached the two trainingpeaks files.

    Good Wishes and Thanks!

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    Or I suppose another option is acute muscular fatigue as that might incude immediate drift as muscles fatigue and economy drops/oxygen demand increases then stabalise at a steady aerobic effort. I do have fairly weak legs barely getting through the stage 1 strength assessment in TftUA

    Shashi on #50919


    Can you make your workout public and share the Training Peaks link?

    How long was your warm-up run to the track? Did your heart rate stabilize at the target heart rate before you started the test?

    daniel.p.armstrong on #50921

    I’m not sure how to share a workout link on the mobile app. I will try again in the morning on my PC.

    Can you not access the workout files I attached to the original post?

    I did a 15 minute warm up at easy pace to the track. Did not do a warm up to stabilise heart rate at the higher pace before starting the test.

    So wondering if the initial drift observed is just my heart rate stabilising

    Shashi on #50922


    Sharing the Training Peaks workout link is just easier for everyone to review, instead of trying to download and open the folders/zipped file you have shared.

    You need to stabilize the heart rate for 2-3 minutes before you start the test. I am sure you have read the drift test article. If not, here is the link.

    Rachel on #50926

    A public link would be great — in order to view the data I had to upload to my personal TP where it thinks I did the workout. 🙂

    Anyway, I did upload the first file into TP to take a look. I would warm up until your HR stabilizes like Shashi mentions. In the first file that was around 2-3 minutes into the recording where it settles into the 160s.

    The way I do it when I test myself is after I’m warmed up (at least 20 minutes for me in the winter time) I then start running like it’s the test. But if my HR isn’t stabilized yet I might run like that for 5 minutes then hit the lap button and really start the test. Usually that works well for me. I can kind of tweak the pace and that sort of thing.

    The other thing is the test really should be 1 hour after the warmup. Maybe your second file was longer but the first one was only 38 minutes.

    Anonymous on #52161

    Also, could you be running too fast? This got my attention:

    I had to call it short for a rest break…

    For most people an AeT test is relatively easy, and you won’t need a break. If you are close to AnT for the test, then there won’t be as much drift.

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