Heart Rate Drift Test on Track – Z2 Heart Rate

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    I went ahead and retested my zone 2 heart with a heart rate drift test this evening on a track and would be stoked for some feedback.

    Just to note I did not due a full 15 minute warm up and came out of the gate a little to hot. My goal was to settle into pace that felt comfortable and be able to maintain for longer than an hour

    New Top of Zone 2 Heart Rate: 164bmp
    Original Top of Zone 2 Heart Rate:158bmp

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    max.ovett on #46369

    Here is the data from the test in TrainingPeaks.

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    Anonymous on #47778

    Can you post a link to the workout?

    max.ovett on #48477

    Scott here is the link to the training peaks workout. Thought I had alerts turned on. I am still interested in any feedback


    I have been using 164bpm as top of Z2 and 148bpm as bottom of Z2 and have been recovering and able to do next day runs and ski tours without feeling overly fatigued other than just accumulated fatigue from training.

    Reed on #48479

    Looks to me like you’ve got a good handle on it. Some decoupling of pace and heart rate, but looking at the last 50 minutes of your run, that was about 4% decoupling (Pa:Hr in TrainingPeaks). Your AeT speed looks like it’s right around 9:30 min/mile on flat.

    Time focused in zone 1, below 150 bpm for you, will be time well spent. Last year, on about five hours of training per week, I improved my AeT speed from 9:05 min/mile to 8:03 min/mile. https://www.reedshea.com/posts/2019/06/training-progress/

    Anonymous on #48502

    Good catch, @reedshea.

    : I agree with Reed. Your test interval started off much faster than the rest of the workout and your heart rate shot up. Thankfully you corrected it quickly. In future tests, take at least 15 minutes to get up to test pace/HR in order to avoid that sudden spike.

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