Heart rate drift Pa:Hr too low?

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    Click this link to see my heart rate drift test from today on trainingpeaks. I am wondering if the Pa:Hr of 0.18% is too low?

    I can maintain a pace much faster than this for 2+ hours, but in order to be near conversational pace I need to slow down to a speed that running becomes very dull and hard to maintain. Is there a possibility that nose breathing/conversation is not a good indicator for me? Todays pace felt very very slow but I still struggled to get out more than a sentence or two.

    Was this run today too fast, too slow, too varied, or is it solid and I’m totally overthinking? I just want to make sure I get a solid estimate of my zones before starting my training plan. Thank you!

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    deckersdan on #41860

    Here’s a photo of the analysis

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    MarkPostle on #41866

    All other things being equal .18% drift would indicate you were below AeT on this effort. Nose breathing is a good place to start but is imperfect for many folks. Amount of drift, perceived effort and ability to recover from the effort are measures. I would retest, at a starting HR 5 bpm higher and see what the drift looks like. Make sure you’re well warmed up and the course is dead flat. Any undulation seems to screw the data up. Using a treadmill at constant velocity if available eliminates many external variables.

    Ruck-Steady on #43944

    Thanks for asking this question, I was wondering pretty much the same thing.

    For what it’s worth: I’m using a 6km loop that I do 2 laps of for this test. It means I run the exact same terrain in the 2nd half of the test as the first. Beats working out how to set up a treadmill correctly (for me anyway) lol!

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