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    Thought I would let the people here know I’ve made an IOS app that does the HR drift test. I actually built this for myself since I didn’t want to pay the $14 subscription for Training Peaks, but apparently some others were interested so I put in the effort to get it on the App Store.
    Sorry it’s not free, Apple made me pay $100 / year to get it on the app store, and I’m not sure how many other people even want this thing lol. I figure $1 is reasonable enough.

    It’s called Aerobic Threshold Calculator: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/aerobic-threshold-calculator/id1626872415

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    juskojj on #68409

    Awesome! Any chance for use Android users in the future?

    BowValleyBen on #68412

    I’d like to get it on Android for sure! But it will require more time and money. If people were willing to pay a subscription like $1 a month or something then I could probably recoup my costs eventually. I think I only have like 15 downloads on the IOS store so far lol. It’s sort of hard to reach the right audience since my posts keep getting deleted on r/ultrarunning

    keith brown on #68447

    I just purchased your app and I look forward to using it.

    Normally I conduct my AeT test on a treadmill, and I just noticed your instructions are for an outdoor test.

    Does your app allow for testing on a treadmill?

    Thanks, Keith

    Rob Sterling on #68455

    Awesome, just purchased it.. hopefully the team here might be able to mention it on a podcast or do a short article in the blog to promote it for you.. after all, you are supporting and promoting their UA training methodology..

    BowValleyBen on #68466

    Hey Keith,

    It doesn’t support treadmill tests yet but it would be pretty simple to add that functionality. I’ll try to roll out an update in the next month.

    BowValleyBen on #68467

    Yeah I hadn’t really thought of that. It would be amazing if they did!

    keith brown on #68470

    I try to support our UA community – an update supporting the treadmill AeT test would be great. I use the TM exclusively – feel’s like it provides a more accurate result.

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