Heart rate drift from half marathon

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    I just ran a half marathon. As it went much better than expected I could speed up in the end. My mean heart rate was 169 for the whole run, my pace 5.02 min/km and my Pa:Hr drift was 1.6%.
    Taking away 15 minutes at the start and in the end I have a duration of 1:17:16 a mean heart rate of 169 and a pace of 5.06 min/km. In the first half I have a mean heart rate of 164 and a pace of 5.12 min/km. In the second half my heart rate goes up to a mean of 174 and my pace to 4.99. My heart rate drift is 2.2%.
    Am I wrong in assuming my AeT is around 169 or even a little higher? Or does this not work if the pace is not constant over the whole duration? I would have guessed that even this could mean my Aet could even be a bit higher, as I speeded up in the end and than my heart rate should have raised somehow exponentially to a certain limit.
    I did my last heart rate drift test around 8 months ago which resulted in around 159 as my AeT.

    I would be happy if you give more insights on what you think on this. Am I correct or does it not work like this?
    This is a link to the Trainingspeaks entry: http://tpks.ws/BWKPLSADHJLBQADARE4FVEJWJE

    Thank you!

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