Haglunds and trail running shoes

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    Thank you in advance.

    I run 5k to 50k races. With road running, I almost exclusively run in shoes with no heel counter. For years, I ran mountain races in various inov 8 models. Eventually my Achilles size and issues pushed me into road flats for those types of races/ runs (like the old new balance 1400s or adios) .

    I’ve resorted to cutting heel counters out of shoes which helps but is frustrating to do with new shoes. Most recently ran a 50k in the addidas terrex speed ultra (collapsible heel) but sadly the heel collar contacts my heels in just the wrong location to where it “pinches” my heels as my heels swell.

    I want to run in fast nimble shoes like I used to. Does anyone know of models or solutions for this.

    My tendon capacity is consistently worked on with strengthening. I even ran an 18 mile race last year in altra xc shoes. The specific issue I’m speaking of is heel rubbing

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    Same issue with the Adidas. I just cut out the cushioning. I flamed it then to seal it. Works quite good. See attached pic for details.


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    my first post but I can share my experience. I do have pretty bad haglund heel on both sides and run about 120-180km/week.

    I did have problems with a lot of trail shoes, especially when I do a lot of vertical.

    For me there were some game changers:
    – find GREAT socks. Sounds stupid but for me this was a huge game changer. I wear the satisfy merino tube socks all year round, they are pretty thick but do not get hot. Yes they are expensive but better than turning around half way up the mountain.

    – best shoes I‘ve tried so far are the Nnormal shoes for my heel. I get blisters and pain on almost every other shoe. Salomon has some that work for me too. But there ARE shoes that work for me, so maybe ypu can experiment in a shop or so.

    – I do use foot glide on my heel. Maybe that sounds stupid, but a little slipping in the heel area is preferred for me on long climbs instead of a tight locked feeling. I tighten my shoes down more on descents or rocky/technical terrain.

    – last but not least: really work your calves/achilles/sole of foot/hamstrings. I do a lot of stretching/soft tissue work etc and that helps. The bump seems to get a bit smaller on my recovery weeks.

    Maybe any of this helps!


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