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    Hi guys,

    I do the Gym ME the first time. Did a lot of base work this and last year (Z1/2), but generally speaking I’m a FT guy. Had to skip general strength though, since I’m worried about my back. I’m at week 5 and the progression feels way too hard.

    Maybe first some info on how I do it:

    – once a week with sufficient space before
    – I started the first two weeks with simple standing lunges
    I added weight in week 4, but less than 10% body weight and only for step ups and lunges since I use a backpack and that’s not suitable for the dynamic workouts
    – at step-ups and lunges, I need to remove my extra weight to accomplish the repetitions
    – Not doing the additional exercises with the kettlebells since I’m worried about my herniated back

    – I still get so sore (especially gluts for 5-6 days)
    – Need to support lunges with my arm on my forward looking leg
    – still can’t accomplish all reps especially later during the workout

    Am I doing something wrong there? (When I saw that in TFTUA the workout starts with 6 sets, I was shocked…)

    Best regards

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    Anonymous on #42617

    It doesn’t sound like you’re doing anything wrong. But it does sound that this gym ME work will help your leg strength a lot.

    Cut the volume in half and see if that helps. If it’s still not enough, keep cutting the volume until you can still maintain your aerobic volume. Some soreness is okay, but it’s counter-productive to be sore for a week.

    todd.struble on #42630

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m just starting this progression as well (and was a bit surprised by the doms even with the unweighted sets!).

    What does cutting the volume mean in this context? Less sets or less reps per set or easing the added weight? Or any of the above?

    Anonymous on #42633

    Less sets or less reps per set or easing the added weight? Or any of the above?

    Yes. 🙂

    If the DOMS is too severe, I would back off in the following order as required:

    1. Reduce extra weight;
    2. Reduce series. Instead of four series of six sets of ten reps, try two series;
    3. Reduce sets. Instead of six sets per series, try three sets;
    4. Reduce reps. Instead of ten reps per set, try five.

    There’s nothing magic about my examples above. Really any reduction could work.

    The two most important things are:

    1. Only do so much ME that your general weekly base volume does not have to be reduced; and
    2. Do at least two series in the ME workouts. The active recovery between series is an important part of the process. The strength work “wakes up” the fast-twitch fiber, and then the active recovery makes it work aerobically (so the theory goes).

    Dada on #42652

    Thx for your answer, Scott!

    The Gym ME does not mention any active recovery. What do you mean by that?

    mzkarim on #42655

    Is Gym ME the Plan you are working on?

    Anonymous on #42665

    Yes, sorry for the confusion. In this article, the prescription is for “Rest two minutes” between series. I usually prescribe those to be active recoveries rather than passive rests.

    Which adds one more to my list to scale ME workouts:

    5. Extend the recovery intervals.

    Dada on #42667

    And by active recovery you mean what, Scott? 😉 jumping jacks, jump rope, dancing?

    , yes the Gym ME plan.

    Anonymous on #42695

    …jumping jacks, jump rope, dancing?

    Yes. 🙂

    I usually go for a super easy run around the block, but whatever works!

    Garret on #42793

    Similar to others here I experienced significant pain and stiffness from a recent ME session.

    I’d adjusted upwards from doing an unweighted GYM ME 1x4x10x(box step, lunge, squat jump, split jump squat) to weighted ME from the Big Vert plan 2x6x10x(box step, split jump squat).

    Hamstring on one side was exceptionally sore as was the tendon at the knee – missed a hill sprint session and long aerboic runs as a result.

    Plenty of roll ball massage, cold water swimming, and a couple of long bike rides and it has eased out.

    I suspect less variation in the exercises rather than the additional weight. I also noticed that with the GYM ME I was definitely maxing out my muscular strength before anything else. I didn’t experience this as much on the Big Vert session.

    After the GYM based ME my legs were uncomfortable and sore (everywhere :-)), but no tendon pain. It all eased out with recovery runs & roll ball massage and I didn’t miss any other sessions.

    I like to use stationary bike/turbo trainer for both warm-up & the active recovery.

    Garret on #42794

    * GYM ME should read 1x6x10

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