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    Hi Everybody,
    I wonder if I can share some pain experience with you guys and I wonder whether I am alone with this.

    My sports medicine doc diagnosed me with a “Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome” on my R lateral hip. Previously often “misdiagnosed” as Trochanteric bursitis. The most common reason is actually tendinitis from leg abductor muscles. Of course, I am quite certain, this is an overuse injury in my case, possibly too much too fast – and – maybe not enough stretching after workout, not enough soft tissue work, etc.

    This is a bummer since I was making great progress during my 8 week Mountaineering program, just entering the world of muscular endurance workout, and then this. I stopped any exercise for 2 weeks, also caught a bad cold so at least that came together. Started to do all that’s recommended, abduction strength training, stretching (although I also read that that might not be good as long as “acute injured”, certainly good once healed for the long term), soft tissue work with a roller etc.

    I went back today to a careful incline treadmill workout as well as stairmaster, only 10 minutes each after a good quality warm up. I can already tell, this is not gone.

    Any experience from you guys greatly appreciated!


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    Anonymous on #7722

    Hi Andy,

    I don’t have any experience with your injury specifically, but I’ve had plenty of downtime from injuries and illness.

    The best thing that I can suggest is to think of your recovery as your current training. Postpone any fitness training until you can do it pain-free. And even then, be cautious.

    Think of your physio and rehab as your current training regimen. You’ll want to do it regularly and thoroughly so that you can later build fitness on top of a solid foundation.

    Good luck,
    Scott S.

    NotOnEiger on #7723

    Thanks Scott- that helps actually, thinking of physio/rehab as the current training. Good advice!

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