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    I was doing 10 sec uphill sprints today after a full warm up. On the 11th of my scheduled 16 sprints both abductors (don’t know which ones) in my groin gave me so much pain I had to abandon the session and walk home. I couldn’t run for the pain but walking was fine.
    I haven’t seen any other posts on here regarding this type of injury and wondered if anyone had any sound advice?

    I’m a seasoned 66 year old fell runner from the UK.

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    jamoco on #51672

    Hi Brian,

    I’m sure you will feel better after a few days rest. No harm in taking a few days rest to ensure you’ll be back your best in no time.


    LindsayTroy on #51734

    Scott warned me about stuff like this happening on a coaching call. He said basically that I should pay very very close attention to any niggling pain when doing hill sprints because its very easy to go from niggling to injury. He said it’s better to abandon some training than to get hurt. Good on you for stopping, if you’re anything like me, I would give it 2 more days after you think you’re “good” to go back to things before you really start to push into running on it. You don’t want to get hurt.

    brian.horn54 on #51760

    Thanks both. I’m being ultra cautious because of how it felt at the time. I’ve been stretching and rolling and a couple of short jogs. No more pain other than a slight burn feeling so I’ll be building slowly to try and avoid a repeat.

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #51789

    All great advice here! Take some good rest, then ramp back up into the offending activity SLOWLY. Do sprints on the flat before returning to the steep.

    brian.horn54 on #51843

    Thanks Pete – that’s great advice. I’m managing to do gentle runs on the flat up to 3 miles. Yesterday I discovered a really sore hamstring on the back/inside of the same leg so not sure if I’ve injured my groin or a hamstring. Did lots of roller and used a dog ball. It hurt a lot doing that, but feels better today and I managed another gentle 3 mile jog with very little discomfort. It’s difficult to get to see a professional at the moment because of our lockdown rules. I’ll keep plugging away – slowly!

    Thanks again

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #51861

    Keep doing strength at a manageable level: deep goblet squats with light bell, easy DL’s. This gets some strength going while working some mobility.

    brian.horn54 on #51893

    Thanks Pete. DL’s = (Dead lifts?)


    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #51898


    brian.horn54 on #52356

    So here’s my update for anyone who might have experienced a similar problem.

    The pain in my groin (which I think was in the area of the abductor magnus) quickly moved to pain in my hamstrings (the area of the semitendinosus and semimembranosus) which were very tender to touch. I’ve no medical training so I’m just guessing from diagrams and where I felt the pain. However after foam rolling, stretching, icing and some isometric hamstring strengthening exercises over the following week I’m now back on track with my training plan. I’ve not yet done the hill sprints session – that comes tomorrow but I’ve coped absolutely fine with several big days out and other strength exercises with no pain or soreness whatsoever. I’ll be taking the hill sprints cautiously but i feel pretty confident I’ll be okay.

    Overall I thought I had done myself some real and longterm damage and I’m amazed and perplexed at how quickly I seem to have recovered (note the cautious tone). Maybe I experienced something akin to cramp with no tear or strain. Who knows! I’m just happy to be back running again.

    Thanks for all the advice and comments. Much appreciated.


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