Grivel Tech or North Machines?

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    I typically ask “gear” questions on other forums/places, but I’m feeling inclined to knowing what I know about the patrons of these forums.

    I’m looking for a new pair of ice tools and would be interested to hear people thoughts on the Grivel Tech and North Machines. I primarily climb/lead moderate water ice, up to WI4+, in the North East (ADK) with little to no mixed climbing, other than the occasional move or step. I have climbed on the Tech Machines before and I really liked them, especially the handle which you can really lean back into. I’ve only swung the North Machine in the store, but it felt like an extension of my arm, likely because the center of gravity is closer to the head, and I suspect since the shaft isn’t as aggressive using it as a cane would be more comfortable.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    luv2sharpen on #47661

    I used to climb on the quantum techs, which are the same shaft as the north machine. I’ve used the north machines on a few pitches. Still the sweetest swinging tool I’ve used (I’m picky so I’ve owned about 7 pairs of tools over the last 8 years. Currently settling on the Petzl family).

    I’m also psyched on the change to the pommel of the north machine, slightly shrunken which allows more room for fat gloves and plunges better while still providing a good amount of support. And the new “vario” hammer and adze seem like an improvement to get the weight closer to the front of the pick.

    In short, especially for pure ice climbing and alpine climbing, I recommend the north machine to everyone who asks.

    I can’t say much about the tech machine, even with thin gloves on I can barely get my hand in that handle.

    Steve House on #47704

    @deadpoint. I’ve climbed on both pretty extensively. For pure ice climbing, definitely the North Machine. When I’m teaching someone how to ice climb, this is the tool to put in their hands. It’s a natural, well balanced, swing. The picks are, as with all Grivel steel, made from the very best steel. Grivel uses much better steel than any of their competitors use. This is reflected in the price and in the value. They cost a bit more up front but will need to be tuned less and sharpened much less. Enjoy!

    deadpoint on #47708

    @luv2sharpen and @steve, thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it. I was leaning towards the North Machine, but haven’t never climbed on them I was a little reticent to pull the trigger.

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