Great course for mountaineers looking to improve their skills.

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    Steve House

    Hi All,

    About ten years ago my long-time climbing partner Vince Anderson and I developed a skills-based course aimed at mountaineers looking to become more efficient. that course is still going strong. Check it out:

    FUNDAMENTALS of Alpine Climbing

    Another excellent course I had a hand in creating was a good solid ice-climbing intro skills class.

    INTRO to Ice Climbing

    These courses are now taught by guides that I myself trained. If you’re looking to get some practice with tools and crampons this winter, I highly recommend you reach out to Skyward Mountaineering and head down to Ouray Colorado. Lots of folks will add on 2 days of climbing (after a rest day of course) which makes the whole thing really top-notch in terms of skills practice.

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    Emanuel Rohss on #61186

    Nice Steve,
    I actually climbed with one of the guides from Skyward up in the Skylight area the other day. It was a good day for sure and quite instructional in developing skills for leading ice.

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