Grand traverse plan vs SkiMo racing plan

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    What is the principal difference between grand traverse ski training plan and skimo racing training plan?

    Thank you

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    Anonymous on #55307

    Sorry for the delay on this.

    Skimo plans will have more speedwork (for shorter events) while longer ski tour plans will be more general endurance-focused (for longer events.)

    For faster responses to training plan questions, it’s best to email

    Andrey on #55330

    Thank you Scott, you confirmed my own thoughts. Finally I decided to go with 24 week mountaineering plan. I read a lot of good reviews of this plan here in different forums and is seams it gives best periodization and focuses on endurance base. I generally do quite a lot of trekking in summer and ski touring in winter and believe these to activities can be nicely supported by this plan. Correct me if I am wrong.
    Thanks again!

    Anonymous on #55339

    I agree. The two activities will be very complementary.

    Andrey on #55340

    Thanks again Scott! Starting Monday ? and looking forward to it!

    Anonymous on #55355

    Starting any day… 🙂

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