Getting some of my (flat running) leg speed back.

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    Hi UA Folks,

    i know this is not really an “Uphill Athlete” specific question. I make continuous gains in my aerobic development and can handle much more distance, vert and intensity as in the past. Thx for all the help and tips.

    But since i’m back from my injury my main focus was most of the time on up and downhill running. Now i have recognized that my flat speed suffered a lot. What is the best way to get some of that leg turnover/efficiency back beside running more flats? Which type of intervals, drills, or whatever would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance. Really loving the work you do right now with the zoom and YT stuff.

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    Josh Gray on #40790

    My guess would be incorporating some 100m strides after some of your easy distance runs. I’ve recently added one session of 4-6 in the TH parking lot once a week amidst a lot of up and down training and already have felt a difference in my running economy

    Sweeler on #40828

    I’m just slow in general, but started doing strides like Josh mentioned. Helps a lot. Here’s a link.

    Strides Make You Faster. Here’s How

    nullkru on #40829

    Thanks Guys, strides are on my menu pretty regularly since several years. But i think i need a bigger stimulus. I think i try @AeT flat runs. With maybe one harder Z3 longer interval kind of stuff. Maybe a progression from 2-3×10 min to a 40-60min effort But i don’t know where i should start :).

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