Getting sick with URI during ME

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    I have 5 wks left on my 24 mountaineering plan. Since I have started ME I have gotten sick twice with upper respiratory track infections. After some read up I realized its from suppressed immunity after hard sessions. I have transitioned my training on stairmaster to real stairs on high raise building. I feel great after my 2.5-3 hrs sessions with 15%BW but getting sick. I feel very bummed and only have three more weeks of ME after recovery week and worried about missing training sessions . I did read in the past threads where Scott mentioned he has noticed an increase in getting sick with 5+ point increase in CTL score . My score has been consistently increasing 3-4 point over the plan outside recovery weeks . Also wondering if 70 is a good score with aim of Mt Rainer . Is there anything I can do to avoid getting sick ? I have been fueling the sessions with gu’s one every hr and staying away from crowds .

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    LindsayTroy on #66982

    I mean the best ways to avoid URIs is the covid precautions we’ve all been hearing about the last two years: Mask, social distance, wash your hands (like for real, 30 seconds of scrubbing) or hand sanitizer when you can’t. They did studies on healthcare workers during covid and wearing glasses was surprisingly effective (turns out viruses can enter your body through your eyes, so glasses help prevent that) so you could try wearing clear glasses in public if you don’t have prescription glasses.

    The other piece being eating well to fuel your recovery.

    Another option is do do less ME work. I found that 2x per week was too much for me and I got burnt out really quickly so I dropped to 1x per week.

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