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    Hey all,

    I’ve been training my base period for the past couple of weeks, but outside of my training I’m extremely sedentary (Medical student studying for boards ~12 hours a day) and find that I’m getting tight everywhere. I was wondering if there were any good generalized, short stretching routines floating around here that are recommended? I tried the search function but couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for.


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    Garret on #42017

    Hi Moloch
    A few of things work for me:

    * The classic yoga Sun Salute. I do few rounds in the morning before setting out for a run. This gently stretches the upper body, back, and the legs. My yoga teacher suggests it’s not one for the evening as it’s a stimulating flow.

    * Roll/Massage balls. The Roll Model (Jill Miller) is referenced in Training for the Uphill Athlete. Nice in the evening. If you sit a lot try popping one under your hamstrings for a gentle massage.

    * A standing desk has also helped. I find this keeps the hamstrings and quads in much better shape.

    – Garret.

    Anonymous on #42038

    Ditto to the above. I’m continually impressed with the simplicity and well-rounded-ness of sun salutations. Doing 3-5 as a warm up in the morning can get everything going well. Another great book is Hit Reset by Erin Taylor. She also has an app called Athletes for yoga. There are self-assessment tests and then short “resets” (in addition to longer ones) to help balance muscle groups. I highly recommend it. Motive Yoga Co. also has a digital yoga studio, with some free on-demand routines for athletes. I wrote a foam rolling article a while back that might help:

    Moloch on #42053

    Thanks guys! I appreciate these responses. Looks like I’ll be doing some morning sun salutations in between study blocks.

    Anonymous on #42092

    I really like Starrett’s book Becoming a Supple Leopard. It’s a hefty tome for sure, but you can jump to page 470 to start with a couple of basic weekly routines.

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