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    I just started the 8wk beginner ice course. Im looking at the calendar and it says “To start we’ll do a general strength workout which follows the training principle of increasing specific strength exercises as general strength progresses.”

    Then it goes on to list core exercises as well as duration, ice tool hangs etc.

    Are the core exercises and the tool hangs the “general strength” workout? or am I missing something? I have both the training for the new alpinism and the training log, can I find the general strength routine in those books? The calendar isn’t super clear.

    Thanks in advance for your response to my super noob question,


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    max_frey on #15329

    I don’t know exactly what you mean RE: the 8 week ice training plan, but typically when they say core + general strength, they’re referring to the routines outlined in TFTNA. You can find ’em quickly cause they’re nearby where all the pages turn blue in the very middle of TFTNA.

    There’s Scott Killer Core first, followed by the general strength routine.

    Again maybe in the context of the ice plan this means something different, but usually that’s what they’re referring to.

    Anonymous on #15346

    Mike sorry for the confusion in the workout description. This paragraph you quote is trying to convey the idea that strength training in this program as well as all that we design will follow the principle of progressing from general to specific. The early strength workouts are more general in nature but designed to support the more specific strength workouts that cone later in the program. The actual exercises in terms of sets and reps and time durations are detailed in each workout.

    These are the exercises you should be doing. Just follow the exercise prescription given in each workout. You do not need Training for the New Alpinism to complete this program.


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