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    I just completed a 75 minute AeT treadmill hill session. My heart rate was more than 10 below my AeT (which I believe is ok and still considered base trainingJ

    My Garmin gives a training effect for each workout. It said that the completed workout provided no cardio respiratory benefit. Usually Garmins training effect is base or recovery label.

    Should I really be staying within the AeT to 10 below range to maximize the benefit, as per the notes on the 24 week training plan?

    I understand for highly conditioned athletes working below the 10 below range can make sense, but what about for an average person.

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    mzkarim on #42993

    Which model of Garmin do you have? I have the Forerunner 735XT and am not sure if I get that metric. Thanks.

    saltzmanjane on #42994

    I have the Fenix 6. It uses the training analysis from First Beat and assigns training labels to each workout based on heart rate and respiration.

    Dada on #42995

    Could you post a picture of the result?

    saltzmanjane on #42998

    Here’s a couple of results

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    Dada on #43002

    May I ask for your HR_max and AeT? Bc Garmin is using the spread between HR_max and your training HR.

    Anonymous on #43006

    Training will be most effective when it’s personalized. Once you start down that road, you can ignore all generic training formulas.

    Start here:

    And then ignore all of the shiny metrics that the watches put out. Those metrics are targeted to folks with no other resources. It’s noise, not signal.

    saltzmanjane on #43007

    Yes I understand and I have my correct numbers from the drift test.

    I’m still unsure however if it’s best for me to be working from my AeT threshold to 10 beats below or if it is just as effective to work lower than 10 beats below.

    Per the 24 week training plan it says to gear the AET threshold training from AET threshold to AeT -10

    But I was also told that going lower than -10 below was just as effective.

    It’s how low is too low that I want to understand and while I will ignore my watch, I still would like more clarification on lower is okay

    Anonymous on #43009

    More info:

    Anonymous on #43010

    Here’s an analogy that might help: If the “best” savings rate is 20% of income, does that mean saving 12% of your income is pointless?

    saltzmanjane on #43014

    My AeT threshold from the drift test is 148.

    I really don’t know my max HR. Never been tested. When I imported all my Garmin info into training peaks, TP gave me a MaxHR of 200. I plugged that number into Garmin. But since I only train in Z1 or Z2 I wasn’t really concerned with my MaxHR.

    Dada on #43016

    Here you can find the theoretical basis for the Garmin calculation:
    Firstbeat EPOC Whitepaper

    There you can see, that the EPOC is a function of % of HRmax.

    I don’t pay attention to the numbers in Garmin since I always get a 2.2.

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