Gap between planned and actual IF of a particular workout @MarkPostle

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    Hi All,
    Although I kept my HR in zone 2 as suggested there was a discrepancy between the Planned and actual IF.
    Am I expected to increase the intensity to match the planned IF?


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    MarkPostle on #68537

    Advait, Short answer is no, I ignore IF and just go by duration and target HR. Longer answer is IF originally comes out of cycling metrics and tries to gauge intensity with finding the ratio between Normalized power and FTP (functional threshold power). This works pretty well with really accurate power measurements in the cycling world but less well once you stray into footbourne training so I just ignore it.

    advaitdreamon on #68547

    Thanks Mark for your prompt response.
    I was confused because in the planned workout section this value was entered.

    MarkPostle on #68603

    Yes its confusing. TrainingPeaks generates these automatically when I build the program in case someone is using that metric as a target. For me personally its just one more thing to worry about that has very limited benefit ??

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