Fused Arthritic Big Toe

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    Has anyone here gone through fusion of the big toe joint? If so what were your experiences in returning to things like rock climbing and trail running, etc?

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #75597

    If you get it fused because of arthritis it probably means that you are having quite some pain!? The pain should go away after surgery. But the mobility will be restricted. After surgery you should always follow the advice of your surgeon.
    And then you should look for good orthotics and the right shoes to compensate for the loss of mobility.

    Have a good and quick recovery! I would be happy to help you figuring out the best way for you to keep doing the things you like!


    Offwidth on #75608

    Thank you for the response. I’m still trying to figure this out. Pain yes, especially in rock shoes, but manageable thus far. Surgery is a last resort, but everything is still on the table I suppose. Thanks again,
    – brian

    Thomas Summer, MD on #75624

    Have you tried cortisone injections or antiphlogistic radiation?

    Offwidth on #75628

    I have not heard of antiphlogistic radiation.

    I have however just finished a course of oral methlyprednisolone; which has provided some relief. How long remains to be seen.

    My doc (surgeon) suggested that next possible steps would be cortisone injection, followed by, as a last resort surgery.

    – brian

    Thomas Summer, MD on #75657

    Hi Brian!
    Where are you from?
    I would also suggest an injection as the next step.
    If that doesn’t help, ask your doc about the antiinflammatory radiotherpy?! Maybe he sees that as an option.


    Offwidth on #75669

    Hey there Thomas…

    I’m in Tucson,AZ

    I’ll bring that up with my doctor on my next visit. It can be a bit surprising how behind the U.S. can be at times in the fields of medicine and healthcare…

    Thanks again for your insights and help

    – brian

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