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    Max McKee

    I am currently on week 7, moving into week 8, the consolidation week of my Transition Period in training. I am trying to plan for this week and was reading the prescriptions, one of which was a “functional strength session.”

    What is a functional strength session and how does it compare to a general strength or a maximum strength session?

    I imagine it may consist of a warm-up with Scott’s Killer Core Workout and moving into circuits involving overhead squats, box step-ups, push-ups and pull-ups, maybe hanging leg raises, split bench squats and dips. Performing up to ten repetitions. But then, that gets awful similar to the general strength sessions.

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    Anonymous on #3303


    You got us on this one! That is an editing error in the book. When we were writing the book we went back and forth between calling the early strength phase “Functional” and “General”. We settled on General but not all the Functionals were found and changed. Blame it our editor…..


    Max McKee on #3306

    Thanks Scott for the clarification!

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