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    I was hoping for some advice on an ongoing issue I have with functional hallux limitus
    I’m 41 now, and it first emerged about 7 years ago, mainly on the R side (although my L side 1st MTPJ is also enlarged, and hurts occasionally)

    The background to the R side is that I had a rockclimbing fall in my early 20s that burst open the medial arch of my R foot down to bone (the shoe stayed intact, so it was a blunt injury) and there is significant scar tissue In that arch. I have had intermittent problems with R sided achilles tendinopathy since, but can usually mananage it ( I find need a 4mm heel wedge in low drop running shoes)

    I had cut right back on running, but in the last 12 months I have discovered that the combination of high stack rockered running shoes (Hoka) with a 2mm gel pad under my 1st MTPJ and 4mm heel wedges (all under a superfeet insole) has enabled me to run 4 times a week in the hills, with distances up to 30km/ 2000 vert (though usually half this)
    The stiffer the shoe the better ( I have no pain in mountain/ski boots). I have had best luck with a vibram sole glued onto a pair of Hoka carbon X road shoes (the carbon X is really stiff). I’ve also found the late stage metarocker shoes like Hoka stinsons don’t work, the rocker needs to be further back.
    The toe still flares up & becomes painful reasonably often, & is definitely limiting my running.

    Would love any advice you could give me


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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #44439

    For stiffness you might want to try a carbon fiber foot plate. They come full stiffness, as well one with a little flexibility for a forefoot rocker (spring plate).

    tomjerram on #44441

    I have experimented with carbon plates u der the insole, but I find they cause pain under the metatarsals- if I add a thicker insole, it takes up too much room in the shoe.

    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #44450

    There are carbon plates that are stiff along the entire length, but the spring plates flex at the metatarsals and might be easier on them.

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